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Who We Are

Jet Window Cleaning is a professional cleaning service specializing in window washing, power washing and gutter cleaning. We offer competitive pricing and guarantee high quality service.

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How We Work

We work with residential locations, commercial properties, and storefront windows. You book a time for us to quote your job, and we create a cleaning schedule that works best for your needs.

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We are always ready to take your call, schedule a time for us to come have an up-close look at your project, and provide you with the best quote at the highest quality you'll find.

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Restaurant/Office Window Cleaning

Whether you need regular cleaning of high-traffic, commercial windowed areas or long-lasting service on more corporate settings, Jet Window Cleaning has you covered. We can work to fit your schedule so that by the time you're open for business, your glass outshines competitors'. Book your quote today.


Storefront Window Cleaning

Your storefront windows sell what's inside. Trust Jet Window Cleaning to turn your glass into a gleaming frame for passers-by and loyal customers to point out your place of business and promote it for you. Book your quote today.


Residential Window Cleaning

Enjoy the beauty all around you, outside your own home with windows that are as clear as a perfect day. Your interior and exterior glass will have a sharpness that will last for weeks. Enhance your home's value with windows you'll have to touch to believe are there!


Restaurant and Office Cleaning

Using CDC-approved sanitizing agents, we will make sure your place of business is both safe and sparkling for everyone from your staff to your customers and clients. We look forward to coming out and quoting you on a cleaning regimen that will support and showcase all you do.


Gutter Cleaning

Clean your gutters to prevent structural water damage, divert water away from your foundation, stop creatures (termites, birds, mosquitoes, other insects) from nesting, and avoid landscaping erosion. Let us come clear debris and open blockages in all your gutter-work.


Power Washing

Wash away the effects of time and weather on all your exterior structural surfaces. Your deck, stairs, siding, retaining walls, and more will look as fresh as new after a thorough Jet Window Cleaning power washing. Book your quote so we can prep and beautify your home / business / outer areas for the season.